Experts say the incorporation of hands-on experiences leads to higher levels of engagement and learning.* Libraries provide programs to foster early learning and school readiness as well as Science Technology Engineering Arts and Math (STEAM) learning that give children and young adults opportunities to explore, collaborate, invent and create with their hands and minds.

Library programs for children and young adults are growing rapidly in popularity with more than 67.4 million attendees in one year.** In response, libraries across the country are expanding hands-on opportunities through makerspaces and other creative environments to prepare children for a lifetime of learning.

Learn what can you do to help spread the word about the important role of libraries in people’s lives. 

Because hands-on learning builds stronger brains.*Carly Kontra, Daniel J. Lyons, Susan M. Fischer, Sian L. Beilock. "Physical Experience Enhances Science Learning." Psychological Science 26 (2015)737–749. Accessed January 14,2017.

*Active learning increases student performance in science, engineering, and mathematics
Scott Freemana,1, Sarah L. Eddya, Miles McDonougha, Michelle K. Smithb, Nnadozie Okoroafora, Hannah Jordta, and Mary Pat Wenderotha. "Active learning increases student performance in science, engineering, and mathematics." Proceedings of the National Acadamy of Scices of the United States.  111:23  (2014) 8410-8415. Accessed January 14, 2017.

**Institute of Museum and Library Services, Survey of Public Libraries in the United States, Fiscal Year 2013. Accessed January 14, 2017 at:

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