Lake County Public Library uses the Libraries Transform graphics to start a conversation with their annual report

Submitted by Robin Johnsen, at Lake County Public Library in Indiana:

We typically send our annual report to our school superintendents, local politicians, and anyone else who might be considered a stakeholder in the library. Usually it's just crickets after we send it, but this year we got several compliments! The Libraries Transform graphics really caught peoples' attention and we even had people asking for more details about some of the stats we included.

Our director also took some of the Libraries Transform bookmarks with her to school board meetings. The one that says "5 out of 5 doctors agree reading aloud to children supports brain development" is always a big hit, and it provides the perfect segue to talk about our 1000 Books Before Kindergarten program.

In other words, the campaign is great for starting conversations!

Lake County Public Library Annual Report (PDF)