Kathleen from Independence, Ohio

Our library and the staff there are lifelong companions to our family.  I grew up with a library just down the street, where my mother worked.  So, when friends talk about buying a book, I say, "Let me tell you about the library."

The stages of our three children's lives directly correlate with library activities.  Summer story hour pajama parties in the outdoor tent in Independence hardly seem like they were 25 years ago.  Our children regularly attended the various programs.  

I will never forget when our daughter was in 5th grade and came out of the library after a program geared for 3rd to 5th graders. She looked at me, and sadly announced, "Momma, I am getting too old for those programs.  Only the little kids go now."

 She soon learned though that the library would open new doors for her, as  she attended SAT Prep classes there while in high school.  With her teaching degree now, she certainly recognizes that the library will be a forever part of her life.

Recently retired myself, I attended a series of classes a the library to help me fulfill my lifelong dream of becoming a writer.

But of all these memories, the one that impacts me the most  happened 11 years ago, when our teenage son died suddenly.  We received many beautiful cards at his passing, but I shall never forget the card we received, signed by all the staff of the Independence Library.

You've heard the phrase that it takes a village to raise a  family... well, in Independence that is the job of our library.

Thank you for all that you mean to all of us!