Karen from North Carolina

As a child, my favorite activity that my mom had with me was to read to me.  I looked forward to that more tha anything else we did.  

When I was able to begin reading, I would bring home library books, and read them after I got into bed, and many nights, my mother said she would find the book open on top of my face, and would have to pick the book up and take my glasses off since I had fallen asleep.

Upon deciding to go to college, I decided that I  wanted to make my living being a librarian, and one of my first jobs was in the Children's Room in Asheville, NC Pack Library. A little girl would visit with her grandmother, and one day, she brought me the prettiest, most fragrant white rose with a little smidgen of pink in the petals.I took this home, and my dad (with his horticultural skills) was able to root it, and then I had a nice rose bush.  

One other job, I was a school librarian, and one April to celebrate Library Week, I had the students release helium balloons in the playground to celebrate library week, and most recently as a hospital librarian, we had a talented guitarist come and play in the library the prettiest classical guitar music that I can ever recall.  The hospital I work in at times is quite stressful to the staff, but the beautiful music of the guitar was so tranquil to those that attended. Another time, we had a cake with the National Library Symbol on it.  

The Library changed my life as a child by giving me a love for books and reading, and as a career by allowing me to work in many different kinds of libraries for nearly 40 years!  I appreciate all these opportunities.  When I visit a new city, the local library is always on my list.  I'm addicted!