Jonathon from Jackson, Michigan

Some years ago I was diagnosed with depression which at the time was thought incurable. After taking the prescribed medication, I still needed additional guidance to keep me on the road to recovery- that's when I turned to reading.

Reading was most worthwhile but with the high cost of books, I was spending over 100 dollars a week on books, which added to my depression. Then I approached the local library in Jackson not knowing of the miraculous gifts I was about to receive.

Our library has a statewide book loan program known as MelCat which, coordinates book lending procedures across the state enabling me to request any book on the planet!

After completing 2 MFA booklists, I was inspired to help other disabled persons to develop their own reading pursuits, as well as continue research in Classic Literature.

We opened a small lend/loan library at the mental health center to incorporate the love of reading for all. The use of the library has helped me complete 2 manuscripts of my very own which I can treasure in later years. The helpful staff of the library works hard to meet all my needs, and supports my reasearch activities without any rewards.

The Jackson District Library system has helped me turn my life around and saved me tens of thousands of dollars on book purchases and in these tough economic times offered me a chance at a good future.

Hopefully, libraries will survive the digital revolver age, and live to serve as social centers like they were orginally entended. The life affirming qualities found in a library are unmatched by any social service within the community, and can work miracles for the disabled!