Jill from Greenwood, Indiana

I was working part-time at my kids' elementary school, bringing a little money in for our family. I used the local public library regularly as a patron, and began thinking I would really love to work there. A position opened there for a clerk, and I applied and was hired. I worked 20 hours a week at the circulation desk. I really liked the work! It was so varied; no two days were the same. As time went on and I became more comfortable in the job I was given more responsibility -- overdues manager, page supervisor, periodicals manager, etc.

After I had been there eleven years and was working full-time, the head of technical services retired and that job was offered to me. I was thrilled....and scared to death! It was hard at first, a sharp learning curve. But after a couple of years I was comfortable in the job and absolutely loved it. Then after a few years it was time to automate our library, and of course it fell to technical services to be in charge of the project. Fortunately I loved automation, and while that was a very stressful time in my job, I wouldn't trade that time and experience for anything.

I'm extremely thankful I was hired as a part-time clerk at MY LIBRARY. I retired from that job after 26 wonderful years.

Greenwood Public Library made my life infinitely better.