Key Issues

The library is America’s great equalizer, providing everyone the same access to information and opportunities for success. It’s the one place in America where the doors are open to everyone, whether you’re

  • filling out an online job application or using resources to help you pass your job certification exams;
  • sitting in a school library media center learning skills to prepare you for a lifetime of learning in our digital world or a grandmother learning to e-mail your grandson overseas;
  • studying for college exams or living somewhere where the library provides your only access to education beyond the high school level;
  • researching your past or looking for citizenship and a new home in the United States:
  • the richest person in U.S., or someone without a home.  

Libraries and a free flow of information are critical components to democracy.  The digital age brings new complexities to how we access, receive and store information, and libraries are at the front lines of these challenges. Learn more about key issues affecting libraries around the country here. 


Libraries are advocates for the freedom of the press and the freedom to read, inalienable rights guaranteed in the United States Constitution. Despite that, there are an astonishing number of threats to that freedom occurring in libraries today. Learn more


Libraries are leaders in trying to maintain a balance of power between copyright holders and users. Learn more

E-books and Digital Content

Libraries are committed to ensuring that information is accessible to the public, whether in print or online. Denying ibrary patrons access to e-books that are available to consumers and which libraries are eager to purchase or license on their behalf is discriminatory. Learn more


Protecting user privacy and confidentiality has long been an integral part of the mission of libraries. Learn more. 



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