Become a Library Friend

How important are Friends groups? They can literally make the difference between a budget increase and cut for their libraries. Since the beginning of the American library movement, Friends groups have been formed by citizens using their collective powers to do everything from running a book sale to ensuring that our American library legacy remains viable. By contributing as a library Friend, you can make a lasting difference for your library.

Join Your Local Friends Group

Does your local library have a Friends group? Talk to your local librarian to find out if it does, and learn what kinds of efforts the Friends group takes on. Tasks range from hosting book sales, bake sales or fundraising efforts to voicing support for the library by attending town hall meetings and city councll meetings, or just spreading the word about the great services and value the library brings to your community. ALA's United for Libraries division offers an electronic discussion list for Friends where friends from all types of libraries discuss topics such as book sale strategies, fundraising ideas, membership drives, and more. 

Ideas for Established Friends Groups

Once your group is up and running, make sure it stays active and vibrant via fundraising, networking, and other general advocacy efforts.

Organizing a Friends Group

There's a Friends group for everyone, from Teens, to Academics, to Media Centers.  Learn how to set yours up today.





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