Get Involved

If you’re visiting, chances are you already know that libraries are a treasure. As a library patron, you know that the library is the heart and soul of the community. But not everyone in your community gets it. Libraries need  people to get involved: to spread the word about the value of the library to neighbors, friends and decision-makers. The first step is to visit your library and talk to your librarian. There are more formal opportunities, too, such as joining a Friends of the Library group or becoming a library trustee. Throughout the history of the U.S., it has been through the coordination, hard work, and determination of library-loving people that new libraries have been built, budgets have been restored and increased, and a larger understanding has been generated for the powerful role libraries play in communities, in schools and on campuses. Read on to learn how your can get involved to help your local library thrive.

Key Issues

Learn about some of the key issues facing libraries today, including copyright, e-books and digital content, and privacy.

Become a Friend of Libraries

Library lovers everywhere are invited to join their local Friends of the Library group. These dedicated volunteers advocate for libraries, raise funds, sponsor events, and host used book sales. By contributing as a library Friend, you can make a lasting impact: Friends can literally make the difference between a budget increase or cut for their libraries. If you haven’t joined a Friends group, contact your local library and find out how to join. If your library doesn’t have one, read more about how to start a Friends group for your library.

Become a Library Trustee

Citizens who cared deeply about providing access to information, literature and lifelong learning have always been at the heart of America’s library system. Library Trustees are volunteers and the epitome of this passionate leadership. The trustee role encompasses many different facets, in addition to general library advocacy. Trustees sit on the library board, attend board meetings, help communicate key messages to the media, lobby their representatives, become familiar with funding and budget, hire the library director, and pass referendums. Read more about serving as a library trustee.

School Libraries Make the Difference

More than 60 education and library research studies have produced clear evidence that school library programs staffed by qualified school librarians have a positive impact on student academic achievement. Yet, many students are returning to school without a resource essential for success: a strong school library program lead by a certified school librarian. You can make a difference!  Become an advocate for school libraries lead by certified school librarians.  Learn how you can get involved.