Diane from Cardiff, California

I grew up in a dysfunctional family and a economically depressed area. Alcoholism, mental illness and a sense of hopelessness permeated our home and no one in my family or at school had any hope that I'd amount to much of anything. My saving grace was that our town had a wonderful library. Reading expanded my horizons and made me believe that I didn't have to settle for a life of limited possibilities.

I spent hours at the library, escaping the chaos that was my life by entering the alternate universes offered by books. The little girl whose 1st grade report card was littered with Ds and Fs and uncomplimentary comments blossomed into an honors student who still would, as a 50 year old professional who loves her family, job and life, rather read than eat.

Shuttering libraries can literally result in shuttering potential, because to achieve a dream, one first needs to realize all the possibilities the world offers.