Deborah from Norwich, Connecticut

The Bookmobile made me do it! It would visit my school weekly, and also park at the housing development across from my childhood home. Although I visited a brick and mortar library, the bookmobile was essential to my reading well-being. So I would read, and read and read. I would curl up in the rocking chair with my books - from Madeline to Little Women, and bury myself in the story. I barely came up for air.

My mother would call me, and I wouldn't hear her voice. I was in the story. I became the characters. As I grew, non-fiction later became my genre of choice -specifically crafts. When I was about ten to twelve  years old, I found a book about making an Indian Bead weaving (Native American), and convinced my father to build a loom for me. I made necklaces, belts, guitar straps. I actually brought it to school and demonstrated how I did it to several classes. That book showed me that I could learn anything from a book. I could do anything! I could be anything!

As an adult, I found myself back in the library while researching for various freelance art projects and while studying. I offered my volunteer services one day, and left with a job. It seems I fell into libraries and stayed, as I eventually achieved getting a Master's in library and information studies.

Libraries and a love of reading taught me that I can find out anything I need to by reading and using all kinds of libraries. I am definitely a library lover.

Currently I volunteer when I can at small local libraries while job hunting.