Cynthia from Scotch Plains, New Jersey

I was an odd little girl & spent many summers riding my bike to the town library, researching a famous person & writing a book report.  My best friend & I would "grade" each other's work! This went on for years. The only reason I did not get a degree in library science is that I loved to talk as much as I loved to read.

As I got older, I babysat & ran a "summer school" for
neighborhood kids for 25 cents a day.  I would save my money & ride to the local book store.  I could buy a hard cover copy of a Nancy Drew Mystery for around $2.50.  The books were on the bottom shelf & I spent many an afternoon sitting on the floor trying to decide what book to buy next!

Reading is still one of my favorite things to do. I love going to bookstores & it is a wonderful experience that I don't think an IPAD can match.  I have a stack of books by my bed. I tend to read a few at the same time, along with the NY Times.

Our local train station has a place to leave books for riders & I enjoy leaving books I have read there for others to enjoy!