Caroline from Portland, Texas

So how has the Bell Whittington Library changed me?  It’s no secret that what started as a quest to define what makes a writer, I found myself. I took on a journey of reading the entire children's section at our local library.  With my Little Reader, we have traveled to places unimaginable and unearthed stories in my heart.  Having two inspirational pocket reads, another in progress, and now finally a new children’s story.

 I'm bringing magic and amazing wonder out of the library, which can only be seen with the eyes of a child.  Meaning, I'm now writing my ownstories and excited about my first soon to be launched children's story.

I could also mention here that I've romped the cooking section, thus expanded my cooking repertoire.  The family loves that I now don't define cooking as pouring a bowl of cereal.

Also, I have grown somewhat of a green thumb.  I've eliminated the need for bookends in the gardening section at times and even discovered loofahs.  Every year, thanks to my library I grow these phallic amazingly odd fibrous plants.

"I can not wait to see where next weeks romps will take me?  Or I should say, what I will take away from next weeks romps."

Caroline R. (