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Librarians are experts at connecting you with the information you need, whether it's a complex research project or the next good book on your reading list. This list of award-winning books is a good place to start. Read more about recommended books for adults, teens, and children.

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Book clubs provide a wonderful forum for readers to talk about books and the reading experience and libraries contain many helpful resources for book groups. If you're looking for a book club to join, check with your library. Libraries often provide meeting space for book clubs and many administer their own book discussion groups. Thinking of starting your own book club? Learn how to get started.

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The American Library Association has teamed up with Well Read, the popular weekly public television program for those who love books and lively, engaging conversations with the authors.  Read more

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Recognized worldwide for the high quality they represent, the American Library Association Youth Media Awards—including the prestigious Newbery, Caldecott, Printz, and Coretta Scott King Book Awards—guide parents, educators, librarians, and others in selecting the best materials for youth. Learn more about the Youth Media Awards.


Authors are natural allies of libraries. Especially in these challenging times, authors understand the key role that libraries and library staff play in the economic, social and educational fabric of our nation. Read more about how authors can passionately speak out in support for libraries. Learn how authors can get involved.

Booklist Reader

New Adult is a romance subgenre that has become increasingly popular over the last few years. Despite this popularity, the phrase “New Adult” leaves most people scratching their heads. The basic, underwhelming criteria for New Adult is that the style falls somewhere between the Young Adult and Adult genres, and the age of the protagonist is between 18 and 30 years. This general description leaves a lot to be desired, but have no fear! I’m here to give you the low-down of what New Adult Romance entails.


The age of New Adult Romance protagonist is up for debate. Some say the range is 18–25, while others extend that endpoint to 30. As an avid reader in my late 20s, I lean towards...


This week on Well Read, award-winning author Anuradha Roy will be speaking with hosts Elisa Jaffe and Mary Anne Gwinn about her latest novel, Sleeping on Jupiter (2016), a Man Booker Prize nominee released September 6. Through the lives of townspeople and travelers—Badal the tourguide; Nomi the filmmaker; Vidya the vacationer— in the fictional town of Jarmuli, India, Roy examines secrets, misogyny, and “moral hypocrisy.” In the video clip above, Roy reflects on the “undercurrent of violence running through [her] book” and how it mirrors “menace . . . around women” in Indian society.

To watch her full...


This month, the LIT book club finished out the last of our genre summer reading with Isabel Quintero’s wonderful Gabi, a Girl in Pieces, a young adult novel recommended by librarian Lizzy Klinnert. In this Lincoln Award-winner (given for excellent YA literature), seventeen-year-old Gabi is dealing with some heavy issues. One friend is pregnant, and another is gay and has been kicked out of her house. Meanwhile, Gabi’s own father is a meth addict, and her mom struggles with her expectations for her daughter and oft-delinquent son. And then, of course, there are boys.

While the plot might sound heavy...

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Review of the Day

Shusterman, Neal (author).
Nov. 2016. 448p. Simon & Schuster, hardcover, $17.99 (9781442472426). Grades 9-12.
REVIEW. First published October 1, 2016 (Booklist).

In the year 2042, humans conquered death. Now, in the postmortal society of MidMerica, people can live for millennia, either reanimated from fatal accidents or “turning the corner” when they get old by resetting themselves to a younger age. But Earth remains the only habitable planet and so exist the Scythes, tasked with keeping the population in check: those who a Scythe gleans stay dead.

Citra and Rowan are two teenagers in this world, chosen to apprentice the Honorable Scythe Faraday (Scythes abandon their own...


Authors on Libraries

Libraries have impacted my life, because being able to access to information and stories has allowed me to learn a lot more, not about just myself, but about other people. And being able to really just pick up all that information
and help me discover who I am has been really important.

Libraries can be a safe place, because if the community is very supportive and you know everyone is just accepting of who you are, then you could be yourself and learn more information and acquire knowledge. And I think it's important to have a library where you can just be yourself and do your thing.


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