Ivan Doig

Ivan Doig: 'Libraries are my life, when it comes to research like that'

"Libraries are my life when it comes to research"

Well it probably started certainly in high school where the high school library in Valier, Montana, opened up world of reading to me, and then college at Northwestern University and in my novels, which often have a lot of historical research. More than a dozen novels.

Libraries are my life when it comes to research like that, so I have endless memories from St. Andrews in Scotland to Juneau, Alaska, and libraries all in between.  Today it's the University of Washington library, by and large.  And I'm still going in there, as I did as a grad student, 35 years aog, I guess.  Going to the stacks, pulling things down.

I've only had one [book challenge].  One of my best-selling books, "Dancing at the Rascal Fair," was challenged in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. And I just heard Terry Brooks say, you know kids are a lot smarter and swifter about this than their parents tend to recognize, and so I don't see a reason for challenges.

I have a book coming out this fall with librarians in it.  It's called "Sweet Thunder," with a character who is the Butte public librarian, who was in "Work Song."  He is back. After that, that will be out around Labor Day, I'm working on the next.

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University of Washington