It was just a snapshot. But it provided a window into a day in the life of an Alabama public library. That glimpse was enough to help convince county officials to reverse the decision to zero fund the library for 2014 and restore full funding. READ MORE
By Ed Karvoski, Jr., courtesy of Community AdvocateSome Indian residents of Shrewsbury (MA) accepted the challenge of planning fundraisers when they learned about an opportunity to name a room in the town’s remodeled public library in exchange for a donation of at least $10,000.  Among the team of fundraisers was Arumugham Raghunathan.  “There was the sense of community by wanting to set a goal together,” he said. “And it gave us a good sense of accomplishment that we achieved it.” READ MORE
Mansfield Public Library in Mansfield, Texas, was designated a Literary Landmark in recognition of the contributions of John Howard Griffin, author of Black Like Me. More than 300 attended the dedication.Former First Lady Laura W. Bush was a special guest at the ceremony at the library. She called Griffin “one of the strongest white voices for civil rights.” Griffin darkened his skin in the fall of 1959 and lived as a black man for seven weeks while traveling through Louisiana, Mississippi, Georgia, and Alabama. The resulting book, Black Like Me, has never been out of print in the 50 years since it was published. It has been translated into 14 languages and sold more than 10 million copies. It still sells about 50,000 copies a year. Griffin (1920-1980) was the author of several other novels and a renowned photographer. He and his family lived on a farm in Mansfield during the time his social experiment took place. READ MORE
STOCKTON, CA — Community activists who have been pressing the city to increase funding for public libraries and to the reopen the eastside’s shuttered Fair Oaks branch praised Stockton officials Monday for their choice of a new leader for the 12-facility agency.  The new leader, Suzy Daveluy, has worked for the Stockton-San Joaquin County Public Library for nearly half of her life. The city announced her selection late Monday afternoon. She will begin her new job April 16. Daveluy, 51, has been appointed Stockton’s deputy community services director for the library, serving under Community Services Director John Alita, whose department also oversees parks and recreation.  “As a native Stocktonian who spent many hours of my youth in our city and county libraries, it is exciting to see how far the library has come,” said Daveluy, who fills a position vacant since Chris Freeman resigned last year. “I love to imagine the possibilities of what it can be as we continue to increase access to technology and offer services and programs which truly reflect our community's unique needs." READ MORE
by Meagan Cottrell, courtesy of American Libraries Magazine READ MORE
The Township of Plainsboro, New Jersey, is known for the global pharmaceutical corporations and advanced technology laboratories that call it home. Located between the Philadelphia and New York metropolitan areas, the community attracts a diverse population from all corners of the globe. More than 46% of its residents speak a language other than English at home—and the number is growing. READ MORE
The head of reference and access services at Mills College's F. W. Olin Library in Oakland, California lives up to his title. He is not only accessible to students and teachers, but seems to be something of a reference point for all of them. READ MORE
May 4-5, 2015 is National Library Legislative Day. Library advocates from across the United States will travel to Washington, D.C. to raise awareness about important issues for  America's libraries. READ MORE