Promoting literacy for incarcerated teens is a challenge. Encouraging reluctant readers to read is only one of many obstacles. Ask Karlan Sick, the current chair of Literacy for Incarcerated Teens  (LIT), a nonprofit library services organization that supports school libraries at the New York City school programs for incarcerated youth. READ MORE
Seeking books about children who were blind or had other disabilities, a 9-year-old girl began borrowing books in braille from the National Library Service for the Blind.The girl, Katherine Schneider, went on to become the first blind student to graduate from the public school system in Kalamazoo, Michigan.A valedictorian and a National Merit Scholar, Schneider went on to obtain her doctorate from Purdue University and become a clinical psychologist and a university professor, teaching psychology courses at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, as well as counseling, supervising and administering counseling services there. READ MORE
There are a total of 165,986 certified librarians in the United States, but only a relative handful can claim membership in an elite group – a group neither defined by birth nor monetary distinction.What they have in common is the fact that they are loved.This week, 10 librarians representing the spectrum of library service – public, school, academic and special, received the Carnegie Corporation of New York/New York Times I Love My Librarian Award for outstanding public service to the community and ongoing commitment to changing lives through education. READ MORE
If you are seeking an exemplary school library, look no further than the one at Eaglecrest High School in Centennial, Colorado.The library at the high school, which is a part of the Cherry Creek School District in the southeast Denver area, earned the 2014 National School Library Program of the Year (NSLPY) Award, which is awarded by the American Association of School Librarians' (AASL), a division of the American Library Association (ALA) and sponsored by the Follett Corporation.The school librarians at Eaglecrest seamlessly support, and in many cases take the lead on, integrating education and technological initiatives that best serve the students. READ MORE
Reprinted courtesy of: Indian Country Today Media Network By: Kristi EatonMerida Kipp remembers the elder who came into her library looking to learn more about computers. READ MORE
Election Day 2014 turned out to be a success for many library systems across the country seeking to raise or continue funding. Here are some early returns on local library victories:  READ MORE
Walk into any public library and, of course, you see books, reference materials, newspapers, magazines, and all types of the printed word. We might also see comic books, manga, and less traditional “literature.” These days, we encounter film, television, music, internet-connected computers, and other digital media. But video games?Libraries lend video games, and they have been for some time. Some folks might think video games have no place in public institutions. Some articles on the web assume that readers will cringe when they hear that this is happening.  Libraries and librarians, however, seem to overwhelmingly support the practice. READ MORE
Over the past six years, state funding for public libraries has been cut more than 25 percent, which means fewer new books have been purchased. The result has been a decrease in books checked out, not only in the AMY Regional Library System but also statewide.While Avery, Mitchell and Yancey libraries are maintaining crucial services including new computer technologies, children’s programs and partnerships with key service groups such as the domestic violence shelters, senior and childcare centers and after school programs, new book purchases for patrons have suffered because of the funding cuts. READ MORE
The Young Adult Library Services Association (YALSA) has announced the official titles of the 2014 Teens’ Top Ten. READ MORE
Works from internationally acclaimed artists Joan Miro, Helen Frankenthaler, Robert Motherwell and Buffalo native Charles Clough are part of a spectacular collection of modern and contemporary art donated to the Buffalo & Erie County Public Library by the foundation of former Library Director Donald H. Cloudsley (1925 – 2012). READ MORE