Over the Halloween weekend Zombies were spotted walking across the Brooklyn Bridge to City Hall in support of New York City Public libraries. With mid-year budget adjustments looming and potential additional cuts, reduced hours and more further layoffs the librarians were left with their creative energy to fight back. Our library budgets have already been cut to the bone, and these further reductions in funding will just degrade library service further. We’ve already lost Saturday Service in most of the city.  It’s likely these cuts will be the end of what we have left.  So those working parents taking their kids to the library on the weekend? Tough, not open. Can’t return your books during the week because you work 60 hours just to live? Tough, closed on the weekend. READ MORE
Gangsters, gambling, graft, guns, booze, broads, burlesque, bootlegging, cops, corruption, crime, casinos... and a librarian?!? That's right. If you're enjoying HBO's new mobster epic set in the Roaring 20's, Boardwalk Empire then raise a glass of bathtub gin to Heather Halpin Perez and the Atlantic City Free Public Library. Without them, the show might not exist.Perez is the archivist for the Alfred M. Heston Collection of local history materials at the New Jersey library, which has extensive collections of papers, scrapbooks, photographs, postcards, music, memorabilia, maps, and books about Atlantic City. Using these rare materials, she helped legendary filmmaker Martin Scorsese (who directed the premiere episode, and is also an executive producer for the series) and his crew of production designers, set designers, property masters, and costume designers, accurately recreate New Jersey's original Sin City, circa 1920. Perez's help with the series even earned her billing as a "historical consultant" in the credits READ MORE
College student, aspiring librarian and “nerd extraordinaire” (or so she says!), Stephanie Territo loves books.  So much so, in fact, that she launched a blog (  to showcase her clear skill for reviewing them. Since Stephanie’s favorite genres are “Contemporary fiction, literary fiction, women's fiction, suspense, chick-lit, memoir, YA, and horror,” there’s truly something for everyone to enjoy in her delightful blog.We spotted her post “I Love Library”, a movie reference – not a typo! -  and knew we’d found a perfect match for our I Love Libraries readers and fans.  Stephanie graciously agreed to answer a few questions for us; about her life-long love of books and libraries, and her future as a librarian. Now, without any further ado, please enjoy getting to know Stephanie here – but don’t forget to check out her blog! READ MORE
The Christian Broadcasting Network ( recently aired a story that included interviews with ALA Executive Director Keith Michael Fiels and Paula Kiely, Director of the Milwaukee Public Library.The video focused on the increasing use of public libraries in the United States due to the recent trough economy, coupled with the decline in their finding. While libraries have embraced the online world by staying current with technology, most public libraries around the country are facing a loss in funding which means fewer librarians, fewer hours and in some cases the closing of libraries. READ MORE
A great deal of discussion has been devoted to the role of libraries in an era when information is digitized and largely accessible free on the Internet. There is, however, a separate, looming question that will have an even greater significance: What is the role of the public library in a world where an increasing number of titles are available as paid, securely protected eBooks?In fact, these innovations create a unique opportunity for libraries to fulfill one of their most important public missions: providing community members with free access to new books and new forms of knowledge. READ MORE
The American Library Association (ALA) and Target Corporation today announced their partnership in Target’s nationwide Target Read With Me campaign to help increase the reading proficiency of children.As part of this partnership, ALA is providing support and resources for a dedicated website that is focused on encouraging adults to read to children. The goal is to help foster a love of books and reading, and significantly increase a child’s ability to read on their own by the end of third grade. READ MORE
When area libraries started offering computer classes geared toward job-related skills two years ago, organizers found many of the laid-off auto industry workers had never used computers."They really needed the basic computer skills," said Ruth Ann Montgomery, director of the Arrowhead Library System, which coordinates and expands services at Rock County libraries [in Janesville, WI].The libraries since the late 1990s had offered computer classes, but when word hit that the area would be flooded with thousands of laid-off workers, Montgomery took action. READ MORE
Originally appeared on The Association of Jewish Libraries Blog Snapshot Day 2010 READ MORE
The Great Recession has taken its toll on almost every aspect of American life. Libraries appear to have been particularly hard hit, with cities around the country closing library branches, laying off staff and cutting budgets to meet revenue shortfalls.But Hanover's Howe Library ( is bucking that trend. Library officials announced this week that the Howe would increase its hours by staying open on summer Sundays, starting next year. Thanks to a gift from the late Leonard Morrissey and his family, the library will be open seven days a week, year 'round READ MORE