As part of Teen Tech Week, YALSA is teaming up with the Connected Learning Alliance, Deviant Art, National Writing Project, and Wattpad for the Twist Fate challenge. READ MORE
Marni Hanna has a disclaimer for visitors to the Pacific Crest (OR) Middle School library: It’s not done.  “A lot of people walk in and say there’s not that many books,” said Hanna, the school’s media manager. The shelves are about half full — the school opened late last year, and Hanna is still trying to gauge what sort of books teachers and students are most interested in. But there are other things missing: computers, since all the students have iPads; reference books, since they become out-of-date within a few years; the card catalog, which disappeared long ago. Instead, a large QR code taped to the door links to the online catalog. READ MORE
by Colin Dabowski, courtesy of The Buffalo NewsBuffalo (NY) is a living library of great collections, each amassed through some combination of smarts, money and good timing. READ MORE
In the ’70s, ’80s and ’90s, Baton Rouge’s West Chimes Street and the surrounding North Gates area was home to a small, yet devoted punk rock scene.  Author and former punk-rocker Tim Parrish, State Librarian of Louisiana Rebecca Hamilton, and filmmaker Bennet Rhodes have decided this almost 30-year period needs to be preserved as a document of one of the city’s most colorful subcultures.All former members of the punk community, the three are creating “Red Stick Punkumentary,” a documentary film covering the punk scene of Baton Rouge. Hamilton said, as the State Librarian of Louisiana, the project is an opportunity to turn the obscure scene into a permanent part of history. READ MORE
Carl Schurz Park was dedicated as a Literary Landmark in honor of Louise Fitzhugh (1928-1974), who used the park as a setting in her novel for young readers Harriet the Spy. The dedication was made to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the publication Harriet the Spy. The novel has become a classic that has entertained young readers and inspired future writers. Fitzhugh used this park and other familiar neighborhood sites in her novel. In the park, Harriet follows Ole Golly on her date with Mr. Waldenstein, gathers a frog to put in Marion Hawthorne’s desk at school, and plays a game of tag with the kids in her class. But most importantly, Harriet takes her notebook to the park and sits on a bench, writing under the trees. READ MORE
By Steve ZaluskyLibraries are central to civic engagement, something that is especially apparent during the inevitable election cycle.  On Feb. 1, the voting cycle in the American Presidential election officially began with the Iowa caucuses, as Republican and Democrat voters flocked to have the first word on the candidates. READ MORE
by Conor Kennedy, courtesy of The TechnicianNCSU (North Carolina State University) Libraries have recently collected more than 1.2 million tweets from more than 380,000 Twitter accounts as part of its “New Voices and Fresh Perspectives: Collecting Social Media” initiative. READ MORE Essex County (N.J.) libraries—Bloomfield, Montclair, and South Orange—have joined together to provide literacy assistance to all county residents.Located just outside Newark and New York City, the county’s libraries serve a population diverse in background, ethnicity, economic status, and education. Roughly one-third of its population speaks a language other than English. In recent years, South Orange has seen an influx of Haitian immigrants actively seeking English-language learning opportunities. Working with Literacy Volunteers of America, the public libraries of Essex County provided publicity and space for volunteer training, instruction, conversation groups, and individual and small group tutoring. “With the American Dream Starts @ your library funds, we were able to add much more to the English as a second language (ESL) materials than we had before,” says Lin-dita Cani, head of reference and library services for the South Orange Public Library. These materials included DVDs and CD-ROMs. READ MORE
by Steve ZaluskyShugana Williams is the ideal community college librarian, because of what community means to her.As, Deanne Nuwer, her nominator for the 2015 I Love Librarian Award, wrote, Williams, who heads the library at the Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College’s Perkinston Campus, is a people person who understands the importance of “bridging student/community involvement with the broader definition of a library that includes resources and personnel in an ever-changing world.” READ MORE
Members of the U.S. armed forces, Coast Guard, veterans, and their families face financial challenges often not adequately addressed by resources designed for the general public. Two leading nonprofit organizations are now working together to deliver financial education solutions to members of the military and their families in libraries across the country. READ MORE