As the coronavirus known as COVID-19 continues to spread, more and more people are staying home from work, school, and social events. If you’re hoping to stay occupied, your local library has a vast selection of free entertainment and educational materials, all accessible from the comfort of your computer or smart phone. Here are some of our favorite electronic resources to access virtually from the library: READ MORE
Each year, members of the American Library Association’s Rainbow Roundtable select highlights from the diverse landscape of queer publishing for their Over the Rainbow Book List. Books span a variety of genres and include both fiction and nonfiction titles, but all of their selections combine great storytelling and authentic LGBTQ content for adult readers. READ MORE
A new decade means a new U.S. census—and libraries are doing their part to ensure that everyone gets counted.The nation depends on a fair, accurate, and inclusive census to make sure billions of dollars in federal resources (from education funding to transportation infrastructure) are allocated appropriately. But counting millions of Americans is no small feat. Libraries are hard at work raising awareness of the census in their communities, especially among historically undercounted populations like immigrants and people experiencing homelessness. READ MORE
Amid growing global concern about the coronavirus known as COVID-19, people are turning to libraries for resources about how to protect themselves and their communities. Libraries have long served as trusted sources for reliable health information, and librarians are trained experts at helping people find the latest facts about easily-misunderstood topics like COVID-19. READ MORE
Libraries have long advocated for everyone’s freedom to read and access information—but a pending bill in the Tennessee legislature would bring widespread censorship to the state’s public libraries. READ MORE
by Sarah OstmanWhen Carol Phelps’ daughters were young, their public library was their favorite hangout, a place to talk books and play Dungeons & Dragons with friends.Now that the kids are grown—and both on their ways to becoming librarians themselves—the Phelps are helping libraries take on a more urgent role: educating Americans about climate change and encouraging them to take action before it’s too late. READ MORE
Libraries are filled with information, ideas, and resources; are you making the most of what your library has to offer? We asked readers to share their top tips for finding the best library materials and programs—here are a few of our favorites:Find Awesome Events READ MORE
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As Parks and Recreation fans know, the usually-upbeat government official Leslie Knope (played by Amy Poehler) has one big sore spot: libraries. As she explains in one episode, library workers are “mean, conniving, rude, and extremely well-read, which makes them very dangerous.” We have to disagree—and apparently, Poehler does too.“Libraries were a big deal growing up,” Poehler shared in a recent appearance on The Kelly Clarkson Show. “We have to support our libraries.” READ MORE
Surprise your book-loving friends and family—or treat yourself—with these awesome library-themed items.The best part? Sales from all these products support the American Library Association, which helps our nation’s libraries expand their impact in their local communities. READ MORE