The noise became a buzz at Creekview High School in Georgia, where the Media Center has three times as many Facebook fans as the football team.The students are skeptical when the librarian says, “I want everyone to take out their cell phones and check to see if you can get reception in the library.” The young scholars hesitantly pull out their mobile devices unsure of what to make of this request. “Your assignment is to charge up your phones for class on Friday.” This wasn’t like any librarian they had met before.Welcome to the Creekview High School Media Center in Canton, Georgia, or as it is commonly known around the halls, “The Unquiet Library.” ( The school opened its doors in 2006 and its library services were conceived during the Web 2.0 boom. This is evident in its design as a highly participatory learning environment embedded with interaction and technology from the beginning. READ MORE
The Student Chapter of ALA at UCLA recently made a huge difference in helping its community to pass Measure L in California, the proposal to dedicate more of the city's revenues to its public library system. They did, and now would like to provide tips to other ALA Student Chapters on how to be active in their communities.The MLIS program at UCLA is fortunate to be surrounded by a wealth of information institutions, which partner with our researchers, guest lecturer in our classes, and host our interns. For those interested in public librarianship, some of the nation’s largest systems, including Los Angeles Public Library, serve as resources for MLIS students. LAPL and the IS Department at UCLA have a strong partnership; in addition to being a site for our interns, several of our adjuncts are current or former LAPL librarians. It only made sense that when the city of L.A.’s budget crisis began to effect the library that the Student Chapter of ALA at UCLA should bring our resources to the aid of the public library. READ MORE
The American Library Association (ALA) has announced a promotional partnership with National Geographic Entertainment connected with National Geographic's new narrative feature film, "The First Grader" The film will be highlighted through ALA's advocacy website for the public,  Other partners include: Capella University (national sponsor), International Reading Association (lead promotional partner), National Education Association, ProLiteracy and LitWorld.  "The First Grader" will premiere in New York and Los Angeles on May 13, 2011 and expand to more major markets in the following weeks.  READ MORE
In honor of the American Library Association's National Library Week 2011 it seemed appropriate to take a look at how communities have created space for libraries.  While the word "library" harks back to the root word for book, that is by no means the sum total of what libraries bring to their communities.We who love to read, love information and learning, love to gather together for knitting circles, preschool playgroups, and a host of other community events know that libraries are the heart, the center, of such activities.I selected exterior photos for this presentation, since the variety of design reflects the wonderful variety of the communities themselves.  Some libraries are part of their school systems, some are owned by their township.  Some libraries are purpose-built, while others are creatively re-purposed buildings -- former residences, former grocery stores.  Each photo offers a link to more information about each library. READ MORE
Prom this spring might be more affordable for area high school girls who shop for their dress at the Union County Public Library.  The library [accepted] gently worn evening dresses for its consignment sale, said staff member Nicki Hertel. The gowns [were] sold from 9 a.m. to noon March 19 and 26 at the library.The sale is open to anyone who wants a low-cost prom dress, Hertel said. Those consigning dresses to the sale may set their own prices and 10 percent of the price goes to the Union County Friends of the Library, staff member Brittany Hudson said. Dresses can be donated instead of consigned, she said. READ MORE
Brad Rutter, all-time money-winning champion of ‘Jeopardy!’ along with fellow champion Ken Jennings, faced off in a three-day competition against IBM’s new super computer,’ Watson’. As predicted, Watson took the first-place honors, while the two human competitors finished in his wake. All competitors, however, earned handsome prize monies that will benefit charitable organizations of their choice. Rutter‘s earnings during the event were $200,000. $100,000 of his winnings will be donated to the Bradford G. Rutter Fund at the Lancaster County Community Foundation READ MORE
In a sign of changing times at academic libraries, Trinity University is offering buyout packages to prompt seven employees to leave its Coates Library.With the digitization of books, journals, newspapers and other materials, there isn't enough work shelving and cataloging to keep all 19 staff members busy, said Dennis Ahlburg, Trinity's president.“The library is not just a place for books anymore, it is a place for information,” Ahlburg said. “In terms of running the university, we want to use students' money and donors' money responsibly ... rather than have people sit around with nothing to do.”Other academic librarians in San Antonio report a similar trend, though many say they have managed to shift staff through attrition. READ MORE