Zombies for Libraries: Save NYC Libraries

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Originally posted in Zombie Walk by Lauren Comito (librariancrafter) on October 22, 2010 and at http://savenyclibraries.org.

Over the Halloween weekend Zombies were spotted walking across the Brooklyn Bridge to City Hall in support of New York City Public libraries. 

With mid-year budget adjustments looming and potential additional cuts, reduced hours and more further layoffs the librarians were left with their creative energy to fight back. Our library budgets have already been cut to the bone, and these further reductions in funding will just degrade library service further. We’ve already lost Saturday Service in most of the city.  It’s likely these cuts will be the end of what we have left.  So those working parents taking their kids to the library on the weekend? Tough, not open. Can’t return your books during the week because you work 60 hours just to live? Tough, closed on the weekend.

What does any of this have to do with zombies? Well, without libraries there are simply no brains, and zombies need to eat brains to live.  So New York’s zombie librarians will be walking across the Brooklyn Bridge to City Hall this Halloween to protest these drastic cuts to their food supply.

[Zombies and fellow supporters met] in  the circle at the west end of Cadman Plaza in Brooklyn, next to the High Street A, C  Station at 11am on October 31st for the Librarian Zombie Walk to City Hall!!!  [They dressed in their] librarian Zombie best, and helped to bring attention to the continuing cuts to the libraries, and the elimination of the yummiest brains in the city, those of  Library Users.

The official press release included:

New York City's three library systems serve 8 million residents from a combined 212 locations, numbering over 43 million visits in FY'09. Since the economic crisis began, library use has been at an all-time high, with many New Yorkers depending on their local library for access to the information, resources, and programs necessary to conduct job searches, complete their education, navigate the Internet, and access public services.

Mayor Bloomberg’s projected mid-year budget adjustment will cut funding for libraries by $16.5 million - 5.4% across the board. This comes on the heels of a devastating August reduction of $30 million that decimated weekend library service. Three years of brutal cuts during the biggest economic crisis in a generation have reduced public library funding by a shocking $74.5 million since 2008, or 20%. Additional cuts will result in further service reductions and layoffs, right before the holiday season. Unless Mayor Bloomberg and the City Council maintain funding, libraries' ability to provide New Yorkers with job search help, afterschool tutoring, computer access and instruction, English classes, and research assistance will be sharply reduced by December 2010.

To view more zombies on march visit http://www.flickr.com/photos/urbanlibrariansunite/sets/72157625287478420/

For more information on the Halloween Zombie Walk, visit http://savenyclibraries.org or contact savenyclibraries@gmail.com.