Why Everyone Deserve Access to eBooks

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Millions of people now use digital content as their preferred or only access to books, music and movies. We believe everyone deserves access to eBooks, and here are a few reasons why:

  1. Digital content is portable and available anywhere 24/7.
  2. eBooks are great for people with vision problems. With adjustable font size, they can turn into large print books with one click.
  3. Because portable eReader devices are light and easy to hold, eBooks are easier to use for some people who have physical disabilities.
  4.  Students and researchers who need easy access to small portions of content from numerous sources rely on eBooks. Why haul around large volumes when you can carry everything you need in one device?
  5. Readers with limited access to library locations needn’t travel to read a great book. They can download it from home!
  6. Libraries not only pay for eBooks (often up to five times the cover prices), they market them, too!
  7. Publishers benefit from eBook lending, too. Libraries help readers discover authors, series, and topics they might not otherwise find.
  8. eBooks are good for the economy and publisher bottom lines, too! Public libraries alone spend more than $1.3 billion annually on our collections.

Do you believe that everyone deserves access to eBooks, too, without delay? Sign our petition at eBooksForAll.org and tell your friends that you support #eBooksForAll.