Real Library Love Stories

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The following real library love stories focus on two couples, love and libraries.

Checked Out at the Library - Valery & Sean

Originally appeared on the Crate&Barrel Ultimate Wedding Contest

Their story started at the library where they both worked, the Frick Art Reference Library. Valery was painfully shy, but when she first met Sean, she fell hard for him. Sean didn't know at the time that she had a huge crush on him, and for three months she kept quiet, waiting for him to notice her.

After many sleepless nights of wondering whether he liked her or not, Valery couldn't take the waiting and decided to ask him out. Sean was curious about her by this time, and with this she intrigued him. Sean fell in love with her will and her love of crafting books, and Valery fell in love with his gentle nature and love of reading books. Together they've tried so many new things they'd never have before. She took a chance and won their love.

What they enjoy most about working at the same library are the small moments they’d share throughout the day. “Sometimes we’d run into each other among the bookshelves and give a quick kiss, or one of us would notice the other and watch as they sought out books or photos, until they finally sensed our gaze and would look around and smile.“  Read their complete story at

Love in the Library - Photo Engagement Photos: Tressie & Ster

Article and photos originally appeared March 27, 2011 at Photo reprint provided by Alex Bee Photo.  

Meet Tressie & Sterg, the winners of the Alex Bee Photo engagement photo session contest. They received the most votes for their engagement session concept, “Love in the Library”. Their engagement photos were taken at the John C. Hodges Library on the University of Tennessee campus where Sterg is an associate professor, while Tressie is a local high school teacher.