Nick Offerman Explains Why Libraries are More Important Than Ever

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In a new promotional video from the Reaching Across Illinois Library System (RAILS), actor Nick Offerman stars as the Wizard of the World Wide Web, convening an emergency meeting of the “elders of the internet.”

In the video, avatars representing pop-up ads, social media, and other fixtures of online life have assembled at a “secret internet headquarters” to discuss a grave matter: humans have realized that libraries are even more powerful than the web.

Offerman explains: “Libraries have real people. They get to know you and offer reading recommendations more personalized than any algorithm. They can even tell the difference between real and fake news.” He continues, “Libraries have all the information that anyone could ever need, plus real spaces, fun educational programs, meet-up groups…you can even get a flu shot at the library.”

Elders of the Internet

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