Manhattan library themed coffee shop D'Espresso

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I Love Libraries came across this library inspired coffee house in Manhattan and then found the design company behind the look to learn a bit more about what inspired this flipped upside down library theme.

History of

Nemaworkshop (, founded by Anurag Nema in 2004, is a team of architects, designers, and thinkers who create spaces which are conceptually bold yet highly sensitive to cultural and social contexts. The studio approaches projects through research and collaborative brainstorming wherein ideas are discussed and reworked until the team emerges with a single cohesive concept.

How did the D'Espresso library design come about?

Nemaworkshop conceptualized and carried through the D'Espresso café’s design ( For the location for the client’s second shop nemaworkshop and the client agreed that the design needed to be immediately striking to the goal-oriented suits and wandering tourists alike.

Being your first library themed design, what about libraries inspired the look?

The concept for the design is straightforward, bold and receptive to future locations: take the ordinary and turn it on its side. Drawing from the nearby New York Public Library in Bryant Park, the space is lined in a sepia-toned full size photograph of books printed on tiles, sourced from Imagine Tile.

Do the staff at Nemaworkshop have a favorite real library?

We love the New York Public Library in Bryant Park that inspired D’Espresso, and some of our other staff really love the Brooklyn Public Library by Prospect Park as well.

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