Local advocacy group repairs bikes at Athens-Clarke County library

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by John Hammel, courtesy of The Red & Black

When Alvin Dye took his son to the Athens-Clarke County (GA) Library Sunday, he may have expected to check out a book or two, but he certainly didn’t expect to have his son’s bicycle fixed.  BikeAthens, a local bicycle advocacy group, gathered outside the library to offer free bicycle safety checks, repairs and helmets.

“We stopped by the library...[and] my son had a flat,” Dye said. The BikeAthens volunteers fixed the younger Dye's bicycle. 

Patrick Stanley, a local bike specialist, said the group from BikeAthens repaired around eight bikes in the two hours it was stationed outside of the library.  “We’re doing some minor tuneups for people who need them,” Stanley said.

Beside offering the free safety checks, Stanley also presented a program called “The Family Tree of Bicycles."

“[The Family Tree of Bicycles is about] about some of the history of the bikes, of bike companies and how bike companies in different countries have kinda shaped bike culture both within bike culture as a whole and within world culture,” Stanley said. “It’s kind of a survey of how bike companies started and been acquired by other companies.”

According to its website, BikeAthens’ goal is to “promote walking, cycling and public transit as solutions to transportation needs in Athens through education, advocacy and community service.”

“Many library patrons ride their bike to our facility,” said Angela Stanley, head of archives and special collections at the Athens-Clarke County Library. “We support BikeAthens’ mission of encouraging equitable alternative transportation.”