"Empathy Centers": Chanel Miller on Libraries

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Chanel Miller, author of Know My Name, joined library workers from across the country at the American Library Association's 2020 Midwinter Meeting, where she spoke about activism, literature, and her love of libraries, which she described as “places of unquestioned peace.”

In addition to sharing inspiring remarks with attendees, she also created a comic about her hometown public library and the power of librarians just for the occasion.

Read on to see Chanel's illustated ode to libraries:

Chanel Miller shares,

I loved libraries growing up! I remember seeing the librarian slipping the index card out of the back pocket of the book, pressing the stamp with the little numbers into the ink pad and stamping the due date. Old people will remember these times.

I loved the agency & adulthood that came with owning my own library card. A young Chanel Miller puts her card on the desk and says, ring it up on my card; my car is waiting.

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