Dino Visitors

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Originally posted March 2012 on the Richfield Reaper

Photo by David Anderson, Associate Editor, The Richfield Reaper         

A pair of visitors spent most of last week at the Richfield Public Library

The Bureau of Land Management loaned casts of two animals from the age of the dinosaurs. One was a Diabloceratops, a relation of the Triceratops, whose species and skull were discovered in the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument in 2002.

The word Diablo was incorporated into the dinosaur’s species name in reference to the animal’s horns, similar to some depictions of the devil.

The other was from a Deinosuchus hatcheri, which was basically a 36-foot long crocodile with armor plating on its back.

“There are two Tyrannosaur fossils in existence that have supercroc bite marks on their fossil bones,” said Robin Davis, librarian.

Yellow tape on the floor of the library was used to illustrate how long the predator is estimated to have been — some 36 feet.

The arrival of the skulls was marked with a presentation by BLM rangers March 12.

“Seventy kids and parents came to the ranger talk,” Davis said. The supercroc was estimated to have lived in the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument area approximately 65 million years ago.

The skull from which the cast was created was found on the Kaiparowits Plateau, and measured nearly 6 feet long. The display of the two skulls was concluded Friday.

Caption: Nayvee Hart looks into the ancient jaws of a Deinosuchus hatcheri Friday afternoon. Nayvee, a daughter of Nachelle Begay and Matt Hart, Richfield, was at the Richfield Public Library for story time, which included games and stories related to both the giant crocodile and St. Patrick’s Day.