Coexist' Shines on Face of New York Public Library

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Orginally appeared October 19, 2010 on PR Newswire.

Stunning projection at New York Public Library for launch of Three Faiths exhibit

To inspire greater understanding about what it means to be Jewish, Christian and Muslim today and to celebrate the opening of the new 'Three Faiths' exhibition at the New York Public Library, the Coexist Foundation has sponsored the world renowned projection artist, Ross Ashton, to illuminate the facade of the NYPL with images from the exhibition. It's the first time an illumination of this scale has come to Fifth Avenue.

Ashton's dramatic lighting designs have graced Buckingham Palace, Edinburgh Castle and have been admired by millions on prestigious buildings and monuments in India, Malta, South Africa, France and England. The Coexist projection, part of the 'Three Faiths' illumination project, is the first time the artist will show his work in New York City and the first time a lighting display of this magnitude has come to Fifth Avenue.

The Coexist projection will be alongside 60 different still and moving images of significant features from the 'Three Faiths' exhibit. The 'Three Faiths' exhibition, running from October 22 through February 27, will display together for the first time two hundred of the library's most inspiring sacred texts. By presenting these texts side-by-side, illuminating millennia of spiritual history, the exhibition aims to help inform the discussion between these religious traditions and wider society.

Coexist, who are also co-sponsoring the 'Three Faiths' exhibition, hope to provide illumination inside and outside the New York Public Library through the combination of the exhibition and Ashton's artistry. Since 2006, Coexist has been working to promote better understanding between Jews, Christians and Muslims, and between these communities and others, through education, dialogue and research.

James Kidner, Director of Coexist, says, "We are delighted to be working with one of the world's top projection artists to shine light on such an important exhibition and topic. We hope that the spectacular display inspires everyone who sees it, and that it can stimulate discussion to enable members of faith traditions and the wider society to better understand how we can all coexist in society today."

The 'Three Faiths' illuminations will run from 5pm to midnight from October 20 [through February 27].

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Ross Ashton from Sheffield, England, has specialized in High Power Projection since 1992. He trained in photography and theatre, before beginning his work in video, slide projection and visual media in London and Paris.

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