65 Reasons to Love Your Library

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The 65 Reasons to Love Your Library tool kit (PDF) was developed by the Texas Library Association Public Relations Committee,  under the leadership of Sue Haas, committee chair, 2003-2005, and Dee Brock, committee chair, 2005-2006. Texas libraries use it to develop local promotional campaigns. The elements of the 65 Reasons tool kit can be adapted to fit your library and your needs. The tool kit contains the following elements:

  • Posters - 65 Reasons to Love Your Library - templates
  • Poster form - customizable template with title and logo only
  • Flyers featuring a single reason and a collage flyer
  • Stickers bearing logo - template
  • Logo in color and black and white and in various sizes
  • Flier including all 65 Reasons - 2 sizes
  • Sample news release announcing 65 Reasons to Love Your Library campaign
  • Sample news releases, each one featuring a single reason to love your library
  • Sample news release announcing Love Your Library Month
  • Love Your Library news release form
  • Sample proclamation for Love Your Library Month
  • Suggestions for using 65 Reasons to Love Your Library tools
  • Tips to attract the media


Please let the TLA PR Committee know how you use the kit and how the kit materials can be improved. You can send your comments to committee at gloriam@txla.org. For more information, visit the 65 Reasons website.