10 People Share Why They Love Their Library Cards

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This September, we’re celebrating Library Card Sign-up Month, a yearly reminder of all the ways registering for a library card can change someone’s life for the better.

We asked I Love Libraries readers and the American Library Association’s social media followers to share what they love most about having a library card. Here are a few of our favorite responses:

“Access to new and classic books and films is terrific, but best part is access to awesome bright reference librarians who help me whatever inquiry, curiosity, or problem I need to learn more about. They are my first step often when I need to learn more, they are most often, kind, patient, curious, and clever in looking up helpful information. It's true librarians are our friends.”—KD S.

“The best thing about having a library card is the access to online library reference e-sources. I am a teacher and I use Mango Languages to improve my language learning abilities. Through this free resource offered by my library, I am able to communicate better with my students who are learning English.”—Colleen H.

“As someone who never had a library card before I started working for a public library, I cannot believe the power it gives me. Resources and multi-media access to everything, from databases to newly-release audio books, right at my fingertips—and for free! It gives this thrifty bookworm an instant dose of happiness.”—Krista C.

“A library card is like a skeleton key to the whole universe. It unlocks not only the infinite knowledge and resources available at libraries, but every beautiful, complex, handcrafted universe ever created in a story.”—Emma H.

“I spent a lot of my youth at my local library. Having a library card at such a young age just meant that you were ready to have this newfound responsibility of checking out and taking care of books. It allowed a poor family like mine to consume media through wonderful literature, and rental videos. Having a library card allowed me to discover my love for libraries and admire the lengths librarians go to provide resources for the community. Having a library card was like having a key to freedom.”—Anna E.

“Audiobooks. I am always on the go and tear through these faster and more consistently than regular books. I just discovered Jason Reynolds and am awaiting my next hold!”—Wendy M.

“I got my first library card when I was 5, and felt like I got the jackpot! Then I got pregnant at 19. I had never held or been around a baby. I did library research. When my daughter was born, she slept through the night because of the research I'd done! Then last year I had a bike accident, where I could not go to the library, and discovered ebooks. Now, with the pandemic, my library is offering curbside service!”—Kristin B.

“I have been an eager library user for 62 years. It's been there to provide inspiration, education, and consolation. I've learned to garden, run a business, train a horse, butcher chickens, raise kids, and so much more. I do not know how I would survive without my local library!”—Cindy H.

“The best thing about a library card is all the worlds it opens to you. You can travel all over by reading about other countries, listening to world music, and watching videos in other languages. Diving into a good book can take you to fantastic places where COVID -19 doesn't exist, even if it's only for a short while.”—Mary D.

“Having a library card is like having an all access pass to everything, everywhere! More than that, however, my card reminds of the many Saturday mornings spent with my dad, as he patiently drove me back and forth to my favorite library, even though there was a branch within walking distance of our house!”—Linda H.

Why do you love your library card? Send us an email to share.

Visit the Library Card Sign-up Month website for ideas about how to celebrate all September long.