by Erika Aguilar, courtesy of KPCC

The homeless use public libraries like many patrons do — to access information, use the Internet and learn, but they come with everyday needs that the average library user does not have.

Homeless people visit the libraries to escape harsh weather, get fresh drinking water, and use the bathroom and electricity, which push libraries to provide services that are not part of their intended mission.

“It’s not our primary responsibility,” said Heather Folmar, library operations manager for the Santa Ana Public Library. “It’s not our mandate. It’s not what we’re paid to do and we do it because people need it.”

The Santa Ana Public Library is closing Friday to rearrange furniture, to keep a...


by Steve Zalusky

As parents and caregivers strive to give their children the best education, they are finding valuable support from their library. This is especially true for children living in poverty or from low-income homes.

But libraries are also involving the entire family in the journey of lifelong learning.

A new report, Public Libraries: A Vital Space for Family Engagement, released by Harvard Family Research Project and the Public Library Association, provides powerful evidence of libraries supporting families and helping pave the way for lifelong learning.

Already, libraries help prepare children for school with storytimes and early literacy programming. Libraries support students with afterschool and...


by Patti Verbanas, courtesy of Rutgers Today

Megan Lotts is not a “shushing” librarian.

In fact, the Rutgers University librarian rather delights in the noise, conversation and mess at the Lego playing station she installed in the center of the university’s Art Library: It means that people are solving problems and learning to work as a team.

Accompanied by nearly 300 pounds of the popular colorful bricks, Lotts is on the forefront of redefining the educational role that libraries can play in their communities and aggressively spreading the message. She wants people to think...


If you’re a student at the University of North Texas in Denton, Texas, chances are you have met Doug the Librarian.

Perhaps you have seen the posters splashed with his bearded visage, accompanied by the slogan, “Go see Doug.” Or perhaps you have encountered him in your dormitory.

As his colleague Sheri Broyles wrote about Campbell, librarian at the school’s Willis Library, when she nominated him for the 2015 I Love My Librarian Award, “Doug isn’t just any librarian. He’s ‘Doug the Librarian,’ an affectionate title bestowed upon him by students across our 37,000-student campus. His passion is helping students solve problems, and he’s the trusted guide our students go to when they’re lost.”

For Campbell, it isn’t enough to...


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Porter, Sarah (author).
Sept. 2016. 304p. Tor Teen, hardcover, $17.99 (9780765380548). Grades 9-12.
REVIEW. First published August, 2016 (Booklist). Spring is approaching, but the nights in Brooklyn keep lasting longer. For Vassa (mother dead, father gone, stepmother absent) and her two pseudo half stepsisters, this night-hour curse is just a nuisance, until all the lights in the house burn out. Vassa’s sister sends her to buy light bulbs at BYs, a chaotic franchise where the building dances and shoplifters are beheaded. When she accidentally crosses tricky owner Babs Yagg, Vassa finds herself making a deal: if she works (and survives) three nights in the store, Babs will let her live. Witchy...
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Headed by Library Director Cindy Fesemyer, the Columbus Public Library initiated a “Root for Columbus” campaign to bring the community together. The library started hosting community conversations, and staff members acted as natural facilitators by listening to residents and organizations. Through the discussions, the library found most people wanted to try new tactics to improve the community.....READ MORE

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Michael Eric Dyson: "Libraries are churches of literacy."

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