The school librarian is at the hub of all learning activities in the school, connecting leaners and teachers to prepare students for success in the classroom and beyond.

To guide them along this path, the American Association of School Librarians (AASL) has released a new set of National School Library Standards for Learners, School Librarians and School Libraries.  The standards were unveiled Nov. 9 at AASL’s National Conference & Exhibition, held in Phoenix, Arizona.

AASL, a division of the American Library Association, engaged with more than 1,300 school librarians and stakeholders in a process that began more than three years ago, said Sylvia Knight Norton, AASL executive director.

Two groups, an editorial board to...


by Kelsey Ryan, courtesy of the Kansas City Star

Every year, hundreds of books go missing and have to be replaced at the Kansas City Public Library and its branches.  But the titles and types of books that go missing may surprise you.

“It’s a real diverse group,” said Deborah Stoppello, director of library collections, who oversees all physical and digital inventory for Kansas City Public Library (MO).  But all of the books have one thing in common:

“They’re very popular and have longevity, year over year,” she said.

Books can go missing for various reasons. The books could have been re-shelved in the...

by Karen Munro, courtesy of American Libraries

Steps taken to improve the urban environment— otherwise known as tactical urbanism—have been around for a while.

Going by the name guerrilla urbanism, city repair, DIY urbanism, hands-on urbanism, participatory urbanism, and pop-up urbanism, these phrases loosely describe the same idea: any action designed to improve a city or neighborhood with minimal oversight, budget, and delay. It’s local, hands-on, and immediate, and it can usually be accomplished without a lot of training or resources.

Concepts such as “cheap,” “grassroots,” and “local” are relative and open to interpretation. It costs almost...


On February 21st, 1987, The Bahia Mar Marina in Fort Lauderdale, Florida designated Slip F-18 as a literary landmark in honor of John D. MacDonald’s most famous character “Travis McGee” and his houseboat “Busted Flush”.

John D. MacDonald created the life of “Travis McGee”, the fictional salvage consultant that docked at the Bahia Mar, in his forty-fourth novel The Deep Blue Good-by in 1964. MacDonald continued a twenty-one book series on “Travis McGee” all with colors in the title.

The Deep Blue Good-by begins at the famous marina: “It was to have been a quiet evening at home. Home is the ‘Busted Flush’, a fifty-two foot barge-type houseboat, slip F-18, Bahia Mar, Lauderdale.”

John D. MacDonald became one of...


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