By Steve Zalusky

While waiting to check out books at your local library, this is a good time to consider thanking your librarian for protecting your freedom to read. From Sept. 25 – Oct. 1, our nation will be celebrating Banned Books Week, an annual celebration of our First Amendment freedom to read.

Every day, librarians from all types of libraries are standing on the front lines, standing up to challenges that threaten to restrict the free flow of ideas.

Those challenges can happen anytime, anywhere.

Sara Stevenson, librarian at O. Henry Middle School for the past 13 years, found that out the hard way, when two mothers of children at the Austin, Texas school...


by Jim Beckerman, courtesy of The Record

Libraries – shhhhh! – have secrets.

Including, probably, yours. Just ask your librarian about the books that don’t circulate.  Books you don’t know about. Books not in any catalog or database.

Books too rare, too wonderful, too terrible, too ridiculous or too scandalous to lend out.

“This door is always locked,” says Sarah Kiefer, local history librarian, as she directs visitors into the sanctum sanctorum: the locked room behind the...


by Ashley Garcia, courtesy of FIU News

Most graduates get flowers or a nice dinner to mark the occasion. But Craig Del Mundo had something even more romantic in mind.

Del Mundo, an FIU (Florida International University) grad who received his bachelor’s in Information Technology in 2013, wanted to surprise his girlfriend of five years, Danahlyn Tamola – who was set to receive her master’s of Business Administration from FIU (she had previously earned a bachelor’s in Psychology in 2011)– with an engagement ring.

His choice of proposal location? The Green Library at Modesto A. Maidique Campus. The pair had met on the...


By Steve Zalusky

“Miss Diane” is the reason why patrons love the Stetson Branch of the New Haven Free Public Library.  That was the consensus of a focus group when asked the question, according to Dawn La Valle, who nominated Diane Brown for her I Love My Librarian award.

Brown, the branch manager, “is the heart of the Stetson Branch Library and the heart of an urban community burdened with a high poverty and high crime rate who overcame many obstacles in her own life to transform the Stetson Branch Library into a community hub beloved by all,” she wrote in her nomination.

A librarian who is also a community activist, Brown has made an impact within the Dixwell community, a predominantly African American community...


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Gottfred, B. T. (author).
Nov. 2016. 304p. Holt, hardcover, $17.99 (9781627798501). Grades 10-12.
REVIEW. First published September 15, 2016 (Booklist). Benedict Pendelton and Pen Lupo barely exist to each other. Benedict is socially inept, principally because he is too intelligent to conform (as much as he would like to obtain social capital). Meanwhile, “I wanted to be liked more than I wanted to be me,” Pen reflects. She has traded in her real self for a lesser version that grants her a popular boyfriend and social standing. Pen maintains a silence that borders on invisibility; Benedict cannot help speaking, usually bluntly and usually uninvited. When they end up at the same ski resort for...
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Jazz Jennings: "Libraries can be a safe space."

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