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In the Chicago area, there’s a nearly exact replica of a 10 year old boy’s head. It’s not an exact replica because last year, he had a cranial defect. Doctors needed to perform craniofacial surgery on his skull to protect his brain.  Operating on the brain or skull leaves little room for error. “If something goes wrong I can destroy that person's character...forever,” said noted neurosurgeon Henry Marsh in the 2009 documentary The English Surgeon.

It helps to make a model. A team of doctors at the Loyola University Medical...


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The president of the Omaha Public Library Board wants to start a discussion that could lead to major changes in the library system’s funding and governance structure.  Library Board President Mike Meyer wants to see Omaha’s library system become one of the best in the country. To that end, the board has launched a privately funded study about the future of Omaha’s libraries.

One option likely to be...


The Eisenhower Public Library District (EPLD) in Norridge and Harwood Heights, Illinois, serves a diverse array of foreign-language speakers, with more than 50% of its residents speaking a language other than English at home, including Italian, Polish, and Spanish.

Penny Blubaugh, teen and programming librarian at EPLD, says, “It’s a very diverse population. We’re almost like the first community you come to, a welcoming community to the United States.”


By Steve Zalusky

Librarians transform communities.

One outstanding example of a librarian reaching out to his community is one of the winners of the 2014 I Love My Librarian Award, Kevin Ray, children’s librarian at the Martin Luther King Branch in Cleveland.

Nominator Anthony Dandridge said Ray does a lot of outreach in the community, including visits to local day care facility and to the Juvenile Detention Center,“Mr. Ray values all of the patrons within our service area, especially since he lives in the community,” he said.

Ray is a writer and has encouraged others, especially local youth, to engage in literary endeavors through his Writing Workshop Series. The series is just one example of his ability to create...

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Sonia Manzano on the importance of libraries

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July 2015. 288p. Harper, hardcover, $27.99 (9780062409850); Harper, e-book, $15.99 (9780062409874).
REVIEW. First published July 15, 2015 (Booklist Online). Jean Louise Finch is back home in Maycomb, Alabama, for a visit, after living in New York City just long enough to gain a new perspective on her past and her future. At 26, she is self-deprecating, impulsive, argumentative, sensitive, and conflicted. Called Scout as a motherless girl, she was a “howling tomboy,” “juvenile desperado, hell-raiser extraordinary.” She still has a cowlick, and her corseted Aunt Alexandra still fusses about her unladylike clothes and manners. Jean Louise has always worshipped her lawyer...